People who travel regularly by air literally get bored with the instructions by the flight attendant. But when a celebrity entertains you through a microphone of the flight attendant then it becomes your lucky day. Recently it happened when melodious singer Sonu Nigam who was travelling by air took the instructor’s microphone and sang one of his most loved song ‘Do Pal Ruka’ from ‘Veer-Zaara’ (2004).

Sources say that, while the passengers were getting ready to take off to the norm of fastening the seat belts. One of the passengers turned out to be Sonu. Something that made every one’s day was, when Sonu’s spontaneous concert in the flight began. The most loved and popular singer took onto the instructor’s microphone and sang to ‘Do Pal Ruka’ from ‘Veer-Zaara’.

Sonu was delighted that his fans were happy with the surprise, few started singing with him and he commented saying, “Aap bhi gaate hain. My God, saare singers hain!”