School age, how to eat and sleep is enough

School age, how to eat and sleep is enough Student age, eat sleep what is enough Just leave the kindergarten, the boy entered the elementary school with a lot of familiarities. To adapt to the learning and the operation of the long way ahead-a reasonable diet, full of nutrients, combine to ensure the sleep time is the important premise that helps the baby has good health page, confidence to the market. Student age, eat sleep what is enough? Children need to eat to balance all four food groups, in which the rate of 35% high from animals protide back up to over 50%.

The diet.
Groups of elementary school students are divided into small groups according to their physiological development and physical growth of children. From 7-9 years of growth in height and weight fast yet; also groups from 10-12 years fast development speed of both height and weight, especially height.

Protide: note the rate of 35% high from animals protide back up to over 50%.
Lipids: Is abundant energy supplies, 1 g of lipids for 9, 3kcalo, twice the protein and lipids is also the dissolution of vitamins A, D, E, K.

Glucid: attention glued complex substances (sugars most molecules) have reduced the effects of energy and increase the time to absorb the road compared with single or double lines, it does not increase the burden of insulin produced by the pancreas, causing bacterial intestinal releases stabilization and prevention of tooth decay.

The fiber: laxative effects, stimulating the operational capability of the large intestine, the digestive capability, at the same time as the agent involved removal of the products of oxygen, toxins in food from the body, reducing the risk of colon cancer. It also has the effect of adsorption of some harmful substances for the body reduces cholesterol, reduces heart disease.

In addition to the above components, but with little content but the minerals and vitamins are also important in the diet of young children such as Ca, P, Mg, Fe, It, Zn, Se … and is full of vitamin A, D, E, K, C and B vitamins. In many works the body’s metabolism can not lack this substance, if missing or superfluous are causing bad consequences. So, to ensure that the nutritional needs of this age group need the attention to eating enough and all four food groups balance, that is: the Group cereals, protein-rich group, the Group of rich energy (FAT) group rich in vitamins, mineral salts (vegetables, fruits), not to mix a kind does.

how to eat and sleep is enough


The diet needs to combine good sleep


Young grew up in my sleep, so in addition to having scientific diets should have both enough sleep. Babies at that age are very giddy and happy love to explore new things so often sleep less and or ignore NAP. Baby can participate in physical activities is very good but if do not get enough sleep, the brain development will be slower and assimilate lessons will not equal the other.

Empirical studies also show that the children sleep and get enough sleep usually has the ability to read vocabulary faster and have more words than the other children. So, communication skills of this baby also better, mild, polite and hardworking, docile. The child grows less sleep time, must ensure sufficient to maintain alertness learn.

The duration of sleep at this age is generally 9-10 hours per day (including 1 hour NAP). This time, dependent age news reflects the brain development and sleep requirements dependent due to biological factors. There have been studies show smart results coupled with sleep. The child has great IQ, the total duration of their long sleep (average length add 30-40 minutes a night). Sleep is very important to the child. To the child up late too young to quit to go to sleep or play though just 30 minutes also very damaging.