Mercedes had announced earlier that it will be introducing four new electric models to its line-up by the end of 2020. The saloons in this EV lineup are expected to be based on the S-Class and the C-Class, whereas the SUVs are expected to be modelled on the GLA and GLC. Mercedes has launched a teaser video of one of these SUVs, showcasing some of the design highlights. This concept will be showcased at the ongoing Paris Motor Show.

This electric lineup of Mercedes will lock horns with the like of Tesla and Audi’s upcoming electric range. The video of the concept SUV showcases the front grille, steering wheel, centre console, seat adjustment knob and the wheels. Most of these parts are made up of illuminated stripes which were as seen in older electric concepts by the German brand. Also, Mercedes’s electric line will follow a distinctive design language, making them stand out as Mercedes electric cars. The German car company had also announced a huge investment in its Hamburg plant in Germany, which will be responsible for the supply of key components of these electric cars. Also, investments have been made to expand Mercedes’s battery production facilities in Germany.

To Launch at 2016 Paris Motor Show

Electric power has transformed the mobility sector in recent times. Electric cars are no longer seen as slow and dull, but exciting and futuristic. Capitalising on this trend, other car makers like BMW, Audi and Jaguar have also dived in the pool of electric energy. It will be really exciting to see how much of this teased concept is actually part of the real car. Stay tuned for more updates from the Paris Motor Show.