MUMBAI: As the Centre’s ambitious “Start-up India” mission got underway, Rahul Gandhi on Saturday trained his guns on the Narendra Modi government, saying there is a contradiction in pushing for startups and being “intolerant”.

The Congress vice-president also said that the RSS has a very “rigid vision” for India and that startups require free movement of ideas.

“The ruling dispensation, particularly the RSS, has a clear idea on what the world should look like. They have a vision for India which in my opinion is a very rigid vision. This country requires flexibility, openness and movement of ideas,” Gandhi said, during an interaction with management students in suburban Vile Parle here.

“There’s a huge contradiction in saying I want startups but I will be intolerant,” the Congress leader said.

“You will fail on the economy and start up front if you are intolerant,” Rahul said.

“Startups require free movement of ideas. If I say you are a woman and your place is in the kitchen, I am curbing your freedom,” Rahul said.

He also charged that the BJP Classifies people.

“The BJP has categories: There’s a Hindu for them, a Muslim for them, a woman for them. I don’t categorise. That’s the difference between us and them,” Rahul said.

Rahul asked students not to put labels on people, things and industries.

“Saying this is a Hindu, this is a Muslim, this is a woman…hides values,” Rahul said, adding, “When Steve Jobs was asked what was the most important class you took, Rahul said: Japanese calligraphy”.

Asked how could India help provide conducive atmosphere for startups, Gandhi said, “Startups require a whole set of eco systems that allows entrepreneurs to grow including infrastructure and regulation. The biggest problem is red tape.”

“Today, if you are a Rs 10,000 crore company, you can’t easily get finance. If you are a big business, you can get around regulations and put pressure on politicians,” Rahul said.