While it’s possible to have a surprise sexual encounter, it is also possible to anticipate sex. Good sex and your diet are closely related but most guys don’t know what to eat before sex. Metabolic activity takes a few hours so you can’t just eat and have sex. You have to think ahead about what to eat in order to have great sex. You need to have a better sex diet. Let’s take a look:

Sex without Eating

Having sex without eating isn’t too bad but it is a better idea to have yourself a light meal before having sex. Don’t eat any meat or any rich dessert-like items. Drinking one glass of wine will help but two are a bit too many. If you eat too much before sexual activity, your body will concentrate on sex and less blood flow will get to your stomach, leading you to get a bad case of indigestion, which affects your metabolism and makes you feel miserable.

A Better sex Diet for Men

A better sex diet in a European or international place is a good bowl of onion or other soup. Onion soup is good because it is already softened and won’t need to be digested too much in your diet. Following the soup, have a better sex diet with a fruit or salad dish. Pineapple is excellent. Do not rush the meal and chew on your food very well.

If your partner wants steak, go ahead and have some but know it is harder to digest and will affect sexual activity. A single glass of wine to top it off makes for a good meal and will calm you. You should still feel hungry after the meal and your stomach should be thirty percent full or less.

A better sex diet for later in the day

Eat From the Following List if You are Preparing For Later in The Day or For The Next Day.

1. Eat no meat or chicken if you want to perform well.

2. Fresh squeezed citrus fruit juice

3. Fried eggs and toast made with white bread

4. Pistachios

5. Salad containing Ruccola leaves

6. Asparagus spears steamed and mixed with garlic sauce and olive oil

7. Tuna salad with olive oil as a dressing

8. Green tea

9. Any kind of honey

10. Fresh fruit that contains pineapple

11. Granola cereal with milk

A better sex diet includes foods that are easy to digest and will not occlude the colon. Many will get into your system quickly and will maximize the taste and quality of your semen.

Another better sex diet includes a protein combination of L-ornithine, arginine and L-lysine. This is a combination of amino acids that can be found at a health store and you need to take about three tablets or capsules around twenty four hours before sex. Take a single tablet one hour before sexual activity. The male porn stars use this method and if you try it, you will discover why they do it.

The better sex diet incorporates easily digested foods that can help your performance greatly. Remember, sex on a full stomach is deadly! Eat sparingly before any sexual encounter, and if you can, follow the guidelines above.

Source by Linda Scheifer