If you’re looking for the best diet for gout then you will be very aware of purines.  Knowing which foods are high in purines and which are low is one of the simplest ways of modifying your eating to keep gout at bay.

Because gout is caused by the build-up of  uric acid in the blood and because uric acid is formed during the breakdown of purines, many people attempt to control their gout attacks by modifying their diet.

Foods that are high in purines are a common cause of gout. Meats such as liver, kidney, salmon, seafood and alcohol are all known to cause gout in some people because of their high purine content. But it isn’t only meats and seafood’s that have this gout causing substance in them – many vegetables do to.  There is one major difference, though.

Vegetables, even those with high purines levels such as black eye peas, split peas, great northern beans, small white beans, pinto bean, red bean lentils, lima bean, asparagus, mushrooms, cooked spinach, rhubarb,  and cauliflower do not cause gout.

Scientists have done studies and proven quite conclusively that high purine vegetables do not raise the blood uric acid levels in the same way as the organ meats and sea foods.  This simplifies modifying your diet because basically all vegetables are alright to eat even if you suffer from gout.  Fruits are also good to eat.

You do not have to overly complicate your diet to prune those purines and remove many of the causes of gout.

Source by Kathleen Bear