I sometimes hear from folks who are trying to figure out approximately how much they are going to spend on Nutrisystem. They often have a certain food budget set for the month and they want to know how the diet is going to fit in with all of it. Many prepackaged diets require for you to pay fees or charge you per pound lost.

I heard from someone who said: “on top of the price for the package that I am buying, what else am I going to have to pay for? Are there any fees up front? Or monthly fees? I’m just trying to get a general sense of how much the monthly cost truly is.” I will answer these questions below.

You Pay For Your Food And Any Add Ins And That’s It: First of all, there are no fees tacked on to the cost of your package. There are no administrative fees or cost per pound. There is no contract or commitment. The whole idea is that you just pay for the food that you want and that is all. Once you have lost the weight that you have set out to lose, then you can just stop placing orders. You don’t have to weigh in or meet with anyone, although there are staff available to answer questions that you might have.

Additional costs can come in depending on which grocery additions that you chose. You are asked to add in fresh food with each prepackaged meal. A lot of people new to the diet think that this is a big deal, but it really isn’t. They are only asking you to add in a small serving or fruits, vegetables, or protein, dairy, or high quality grains. So you may add in a cup of yogurt. Or an apple. Or some celery sticks. Or a handful of nuts. This shouldn’t require for you to go out and buy a whole week’s worth of groceries. This is more snack type foods that you may already be buying for the rest of your family. This shouldn’t costs a lot of additional money. And in many cases, you are already buying these foods.

Essentially, you will need three additional foods to add per day which would add up to 21 per week if you were going to be on the diet full time. 21 may sound like a lot, but again, you are only talking about small portions of inexpensive items that many of us already have.

But to answer the question posed, you won’t be charged anything on top of the food that you buy. And, you might need to buy a small amount of additional foods from the grocery store for your side items. But this is often quite inexpensive. And it is only food that you are paying for and nothing else.

Source by Ava Alderman