• Avoid talking loud in a restaurant
  • Do not treat others the way you wouldn’t like to get treated
  • Never visit a restaurant when it is about to close

People who want the best of everything might not behave in the best way. One of the basic rules taught to the staff at any restaurant is, “The guest is always right!”. But that doesn’t make things easy when a guest walks in completely determined to have their way.  Everyone looks forward to dining out and when one typical guest decides to get the better of his or her mood swing, not only does the restaurant staff have to deal with it but other guests also have to experience an unpleasant situation. Here are six types of diners restaurants would hate to entertain.

1.  The Guest Who Talks Very Loudly

People, listen up! This is a fine dining restaurant and not a shout-out. Relax and speak at a volume audible to the person sitting opposite you. The person on the opposite table has no interest in knowing what you ate last night at your aunt’s place or how lovely the chicken korma tastes. So much to spice things up but also to test your patience. If you are an owner of a restaurant that aims to provide privacy to its customers, please ask your guests to maintain the decorum so that others can also enjoy eating out.

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Avoid talking loud in a restaurant

2.  The Guest Who Misbehaves With The Staff

Please remember that the order taker is doing his job just like any one of us and you have no business to be rude to him. Your dignity matters and so does his. Refrain from using filthy language or facial expressions which convey that his level is way below yours.

misbehaves with the staff

Do not treat others the way you wouldn’t like to get treated

3.  The Guest Who Does Not Inform The Restaurant About Cancelling The Booking

It is surprising to see the number of people who book a table and never turn up. A restaurant offers the service of “reservation” so that the staff is well prepared for your meal and service when you arrive. If you don’t turn up, cancel your booking so that the restaurant can offer your table to someone else. It is extremely humiliating for the restaurant to reserve a table for you and refuse walk-in guests the entire time just to know later that you didn’t come. Please be humble enough to make a call and inform the reservation desk of any change in plan.

does not inform to leave the restaurant

Respect other’s time for your time to get respected

4. The Guest Who Whistles to Call The Server

Why treat someone in a way that you would not appreciate if it came to you? When you’re going to eat out, please don’t leave your manners at home. Be courteous to the staff. There is a reason why the person who looks after you in a restaurant is called a waiter or a server. His job is to ‘wait’ for you while you eat and help in providing a delightful experience. On most occasions, making an eye contact and signaling the server to approach you is enough to attract his attention.

wristles to call the server

Be humble to the server

 5.  The Guest who Disrespects The Timings Of A Restaurant

Never visit a restaurant when it has just opened or is about to close. If in doubt, call the restaurant and ask if you could be accommodated around that time. Barging in when the restaurant is about to close will irritate them the way a last minute meeting will irritate you. Respect to be respected.

doesnt leav the restaurant

Never visit a restaurant when it is about to close

6. The Guest Who Does Not Leave The Table Once The Bill Has Been Paid

You can’t always assume that once you have finished eating, no one else is waiting to eat. Hence, once the bill has been paid, please relieve the table.

does not leave the table

Be a responsible guest 

Let’s make sure that we are cordial with the restaurant staff and it’s not just us who get a good experience, but the person who waited for us is also happy to serve.


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